Web Traffic Strategies

by Jerry Hobby on November 9, 2010

If you talk to anyone about how to get more traffic on your website, you will hear about keywords, search engines, social networking, and pay-per-click advertising.  These are all great strategies, but have real weaknesses.

Keywords and search engines work best if you have specific keywords and phrases that people search for.  This is great for some businesses, virtually impossible for others.  Highly competitive businesses just can’t stand out from the crowd.

Pay-per-click advertising will typically cost you more money than it produces in revenue.  The goal is frequently to use pay-per-click to build your customer list and, over time, you’ll get a return on investment through repeat sales and referrals.

Social networking consumes a lot of time.  Many people spend two or three hours per day on this and have very little to show for the effort.  If you do a really good job, it will work.  Most people don’t.  People choose this method because it’s free.  But is it really?  The time you spend has to be worth something, right?

Try some new ideas and see what works.  Promote your website on your on-hold music.  Promote your website in various print materials such as direct mail, etc.  Don’t just list your website, but promote it with something.  On your business card, put something like:  SPECIAL ONLINE-ONLY OFFERS at WWW.MYSITE.COM.  Look for as many fresh ways to really encourage people to visit your site.

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