Driving Traffic to Your Website

by Jerry Hobby on June 21, 2011

Websites are passive marketing tools.  If no one sees it, it doesn’t do much good. But how do you promote it so that people do see it.  Do you do search engines, social networks, paid ads, or newsletters?

Search Engine Optimization works to some level.  There are issues with it, but it is still a good idea.  But the problem is that search engines can only send you people who are searching for something.  A great number of clients aren’t considering your services and we can’t get to those people this way.

Paid advertising has the same affect as search engine optimization.  Paid ads are easier to control and produce faster results, but again they only attract people who are already searching.  Very difficult to plant a new idea in someone’s mind this way.  Still a good option for some clients.

Social networks like FaceBook and Twitter allow you to reach an entirely different audience, and hopefully an audience that’s loyal to you at some level.  Social networking can be very beneficial.  The challenge is that your social networking community is resistant to ads.  You need a really personal approach and that makes this method the most challenging to get started.

Newsletters may seem like old-school, but they are effective.  It’s less effort than social networks and reaches a good audience of loyal customers.

I recommend a combination of these strategies based on what your product is, your personal marketing style and interests, and by judging the effectiveness in your business.   In my case, I use all of those methods and newsletter marketing is the most effective.   What works for you?  Let’s figure it out together.