Liars and Thieves, Oh My!

by Jerry Hobby on July 5, 2011

Why is it so easy to pick out a “spam” message? Is it that they promise something too good to be true? We know they are garbage. It’s easy to tell. But why?

Some have fancy graphics. Some are text only. Some are free offers. They use all the marketing technique you might use. They do a great job on that, sometimes. So what makes them stand out as spam?

The spam “flag” is often an unbelievable offer – Such as being able to purchase a $2000 software package for just $99 (plus shipping and handling). Credibility out the window. This is most likely a scam.

But most spam messages don’t actually have these ridiculous offers.

The primary spam “flag” is usually just the unfamiliarity of the sender. You’re unfamiliar with the company and your brain immediately says, “How did they get my email address?”. In most cases, that’s your lead clue.

Now, let’s apply that to your business. If you fail to communicate with your customers on a regular, consistent basis, they forget who you are. If they forget who you are, then you become just another one of those random messages that gets filtered out.

Get (back) in touch with your customers and stay in touch. Use Email newsletters, twitter, Facebook, phone calls, cards and letters in the mail. Stay in touch with them and their loyalty factor goes up. Your credibility factor goes up too.

Design, build and utilize a customized customer retention strategy. After all, how much more repeat business do you really want? Since you’re ready to get started, give us a call, today.

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