Can you live without Facebook?

by Jerry Hobby on December 10, 2011

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Can you live without Facebook?

Facebook is in the process of going public. This is an interesting twist as Mark Zuckerberg has stated he never wanted to go public because he doesn’t want to report information to the SEC, etc. The predictable future is that Mark will retire and Facebook will become a corporate entity that goes in “some” new directions.

We have already seen Facebook get into trouble for privacy violations. We’ve also seen them change their privacy models numerous time. They are posturing so that they can use data to their best benefit while protecting you as much as they are required to. They are looking for that balance and we can expect more changes to come.

I read an article last week about a company that has banned email. The CEO feels that social web tools are more efficient and wants every employee using social web sites instead of email. I disagree with this conclusion. But more importantly, it shows us how powerful social tools have become.

Another interesting consideration is that Facebook is being used for photo storage and video storage more than ever. Families are using Facebook as a way to keep up with each other and even play games together. If you want to see pictures of grandkids, you’ll be viewing them on Facebook. No more photo albums.

Everything is moving onto Facebook, or other social websites. It is to the point now that Facebook is essential to communicating with family, friends, and possibly even your job. Facebook is available on computers, of course, but also on cell phones and even on many newer televisions.

If you consider that Facebook, and similar sites, are more accessible to more people, even without computers, then you can see how important it is to develop a strong presence for your company on these social web sites. Facebook is not optional anymore. It’s not optional for businesses and it is not optional for individuals anymore either.

Focus your marketing on Facebook and reach more people than ever. Anything Internet will put you where you need to be. Call us today.


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