Business Strategies for Facebook

by Jerry Hobby on December 18, 2011

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Business Strategies for Facebook

Last week we explored the risks and inevitability of Facebook.  This week we are going to delve into the strategies for positioning your business to get the most out of Facebook.

It is quite common for companies to start bombarding social networks with ads or other tidbits of information that’s not very interesting to the readers.  Readers will begin to ignore you and the campaign can easily backfire.  To be successful, it is imperative that your comments on Facebook are interesting to your reader.

The new paradigm is that readers want to choose what ads they see.  If readers like you and your company, they will accept your messages.   If they don’t know who you are, they may block you.  Think of it the same way you would meet people at a party.  If you are pushing too hard, people will avoid you.


Your campaign needs to fit your business.  Here are a few ways to use Facebook.

Announcements – Share your updates with your clients.  Tell them about new staff, new services, and maybe a couple vacation photos.  If you share with your clients, they will feel more connected to you.

Events – Invite people to open houses, product launches, or training.

Tips – Share occasional tips on how to do things.  Show you care.

Success Stories – Have great testimonials or success stories.  Publicly share those and acknowledge the people that took the time to share these with you.

Q&A Support – While there is a limit to what you may wish to do inside Facebook, it is a wonderful place to answer quick questions and to help clients.  Using Facebook’s groups feature allows a more interactive place to support clients.


Do you need to create a social community?  Or do you need to participate in existing social communities?  How will you establish your reputation and credibility in these communities?

Contact me today and find out how to position your company for long term success.


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  • Kenpm50

    Excellent advice, Jerry!! Bravo!!

  • Kenpm50

    Excellent piece, Jerry! Sound practical and helpful advice!

  • Ken

    Excellent article, Jerry! Practical, easy to apply tips, as always! Thanks! Glad you’re my web master!

  • Randall Montalbano

    Once again, Jerry filters through all the junk that is out there on “Growing Your Business” and brings you the facts.
    If business is about building “relationships”, there are few better ways to build a relationship than sharing anecdotes with your clients, about your adventures, successes and yes…even the times you have mistakes.

    Thanks, Jerry – All the Best-

    Randall Montalbano
    “Everything Else…Is Just A Rag”

  • Randall

    I’m up in Michigan, Jerry andI pulled over to send this to you. GREAT INFO. Many people (companies) continue to believe that “if you build it they will come” W R O N G!!!

    Sites such as FB, Twitter and other online social media are only  TOOLS, in an overall, comprehensive business and marketing strategy. You can’t stand at home plate and wish the ball over the wall—it takes a combination of the right tools, in the right place, at the right time, working together.

    Continue great work, Jerry. All the best-

    Randall Montalbano

  • Ken P. Marsh

    Excellent article! Thought-provoking, helpful and with lots of practical tips! My favorite-type article!

  • Ken

    Absolutely on target Jerry! Every business should have a unique value proposition!

  • Ken

    Hi Jerry,
    Love your call to action after you gave some terriffic “epic fail” examples! After saying we understand this stuff at Anything Internet, this last sentence was right on target: “Want
    a social media campaign and don’t want to be the next epic fail? Call us.” Bravo!

  • Ken

    Excellent tip on establishing a social media group or joining an existing one. You’re absolutely right. I spend more time in several social media groups that I do with my FB friends.

  • Kenpm50

    Excellent examples from Quicken and Logitech to support your terrific advice! Very practical, easy to understand and apply, as usual! Thanks, Jerry!

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