Getting Social with the Social Web

by Jerry Hobby on December 21, 2011

Getting Social with the Social Web – Going Beyond Ad-Slinging

I have interviewed a lot of social web “experts” lately just to see who really knows their stuff and who doesn’t. I can tell you straight up, I am not impressed. It seems that if a social web site is used for business marketing, then the assumption is that you should promote your business by either talking about your business or sharing a few facts about why people need your business. As an illustration, perhaps someone who sells cars might make routine posts about the deals he has on cars, and possibly additional posts about how nice it is to drive a newer car. Nothing is wrong with this as it is. The issue is that if you walked around in life saying exactly those things to people you meet, you would quickly discover how few friends you have.

The proper strategy for social web marketing is to create yourself as a friend to your followers. People like you when they see your personality. People like you when you make some level of personal connection. When people like you, they take more of an interest in you. You develop more loyalty and more credibility because you have established a reputation. You are human, and not just an ad-slinger.

I recently placed an order with someone I met on Facebook. He wasn’t promoting his products at all. He made a really funny comment and I clicked on his profile to “check him out”. That’s when I discovered what he did and I ventured onto his website and placed an order for several hundred dollars. We exchanged a few fun comments on Facebook, but the entire transaction was a product of him revealing his personality and then having a well branded product and website.

I recommend you take a new approach to your social web campaign. Instead of thinking about how to generate sales, start thinking about how to create discussions. Post funny facts, ask questions of general appeal, discuss interesting things that people may enjoy commenting on or even sharing with others. If you can generate conversation from people, you are succeeding. Judge for yourself. What posts are people replying to? If you can cause people to comment on your post, you’ve succeeded. Do this enough times, and you will soon discover you are a credible and well respected person in their world.

If no one is discussing your Facebook or twitter posts, then maybe you are just not that interesting to your readers. Let’s fix that. Call Anything Internet for a free consultation today.


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