A Business Approach to Social Media

by Jerry Hobby on January 24, 2012

A Business Approach to Social Media

Social media has been around a while, but lately there has been a lot more companies taking social media much more seriously.  Some companies are doing a fantastic job.  Most companies are still feeling their way around.   There are new trends in social media.  If you are not embracing social media, then maybe it’s time you do.  If you are embracing social media, then maybe it’s time to revisit your strategy to generate the best possible results.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your social media strategy:

Quality over Quantity – The more messages you can post on social media sites, the more exposure you get at first glance.  Posting high quality information that people are willing to share, repost, and comment on … your exposure can grow exponentially.  Put quality first.  Judge the quality of your work by monitoring the volume of comments and reposts you get.  That’s the best exposure you can get.  Some selling is okay.  However, Content is king.

Build Proper Profiles – Facebook has business pages and personal profiles.  Don’t confuse those.  Google+ has personal profiles and pages as well.  Use the “pages” feature correctly and you’ll get much better results.   You may need multiple “pages”, depending on what you are up to.  Use your personal profile for family and friends.   If you have it all mixed up, it could impact your search results in the social network sites.

Follow the Right People – It’s easy to fall into the trend of following everyone in hopes that everyone will follow you.  The numbers can be impressive.  Following too many people can make the social network overwhelming and difficult to follow.  The way to manage this is to create groups and put the best quality people in a group that you actually read.  Everyone else can go into broader groups that you may not have time to keep up with.  I have groups for industry experts, customers, friends and family, and “everyone else”.  This way you can follow everyone on the planet, but you only really pay attention to the most interesting ones for you.

Use the Tools – There are a number of tools out there that will save you time.   There are tools like HootSuite.com that make it easier to read and post across multiple networks and manage them all in one place.

Use a Social Media Strategist – A proper social media campaign will consume a considerable amount of time.   You want to get the best results you can.  A good consultant will help you get more done, and faster, and will help you monitor and adjust as needed.

Your social media campaign could be the most important part of your online marketing plan.  Social media connects you with more people and helps you with search engine optimization as well.  Take your social media strategy seriously.   Contact Anything Internet today to discuss your online marketing needs.

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