What’s Your Online Reputation?

by Jerry Hobby on February 7, 2012

What’s Your Online Reputation?

Search for your own name on google.com and check out the first page of results.  Try your company name as well.  Don’t look for your own website, but look for other websites that mention your name for some reason.  Can you find websites that talk about the quality of you or your company?   Are there complaints or insults anywhere?   Are there messages or profiles published that wish were not showing up online?

Try searching for your company name and add the word “complaint”.

Imagine if I searched for you or your company and I learned you were not so reputable after all?   I might not want to do business with you.  A recent client of mine had a serious problem as someone posted some horrific rumors about him and his company.  The posting included fabricated information designed to make him look bad online.  These horrible messages were posted on several major complaint websites.   If you search for this guy or his company, you’ll learn that he abducts children to sell as sex slaves and his business funds terrorism in the United States.  Fortunately the posting is so horrific that it’s not believable.  But some people might believe it anyways.

But okay, maybe no one is on the attack.   Maybe you have an unhappy customer who vetted their issue online.  Another client installed a product in their client’s house and that client felt the product did not perform as well as she hoped.  It doesn’t matter if she was right or wrong.   What matters is that she asked the company to solve her problem and when they didn’t satisfy her, she posted complaints online.   Those complaints will cost them business for years to come.  You cannot allow even one complaint to appear online if you can avoid it.

When a complaint is posted online, something has to be done about it.  It is necessary to search for complaints so you can address them quickly.  Some sites copy information from other sites so anything said about you will quickly replicate across the Internet.

In some cases, you can petition to have the remarks removed.  In other cases you have to use an attorney.   In other cases you can post a rebuttal, or appeal the complaint.  In some cases, you won’t be able to remove it at all.

There are strategies to deal with each complaint on each site.  The strategy depends on the website, the truth of the complaint, and many other factors.

Check your online reputation.  Monitor your online reputation.   Correct your online reputation.

Anything Internet will monitor and manage your online reputation.  This service is more important than ever and will be even more important as people learn more about these tools and more people use them.  Anything Internet is your reputation management experts.  Contact us today about your online reputation.   Send me your name, formal and informal variations, and your company name.   We will quickly review your reputation for you at no charge.


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