The Greatest Gift ….

by Jerry Hobby on February 17, 2012

Have you ever noticed how people seem eager to contribute their thoughts and ideas to you, even if you don’t ask them too? In fact, sometimes it can be annoying, to be honest, that so many people seem eager to interrupt in order to give advice. This is the nature of human beings.

What we can gleam from this is that people love to contribute, acknowledged, and appreciated in some fashion. It’s a measure of our worth to the world in a sense. This is why we talk about the importance of listening, the importance of complimenting, and the power of referring our contacts to each other. At the heart of this is really the fundamental need to contribute to others.

In many cases we tend to deny the contribution of others simply because we already know how to do something or have that knowledge, etc. Consider the impact on relationships if you deny someone the opportunity to contribute to you. Consider the value of allowing them to contribute.

If you allow others to contribute to you, not only will they like you more, they will become, in a sense, loyal to you because they know you value their contribution. They will contribute more, you will acknowledge them more, and the relationship will grow. I’m not suggesting you use people. It works both ways. We all contribute to each other. I’m suggesting that whenever someone seems eager to contribute, realize that by allowing them to contribute, you are actually giving them a gift. A wonderful gift. A gift of self worth, appreciation, an opportunity to do what they do.

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of allowing them to contribute to you.