The Basics of Website Content

by Jerry Hobby on February 19, 2012

The Basics of Website Content

What type of content should you put on your website?  What belongs on the home page?  Do you need an about us page?  What about images?  Planning the content on your website can lead to sudden baldness as you may begin pulling your hair out!

There are many different strategies for content as it matters what type of product or service you are promoting and who you are promoting it too.  Sometimes a good hard sale is essential.  Sometimes a more informational approach is required.

Think about your target audience.  Who are they and why do they come to your website?  Then, make sure your website serves their needs.  If they are unfamiliar with you, then make sure the website content shares more information about you.  If they are typically there to place orders, then make sure that signing in and placing orders and reorders is fast and easy for them.  Do you have a consumer focus or business-to-business focus?  Consider the different language and layout required for those customers.

The real point is that your content is for your clients. It’s not about you or your company.  You would think people visit your website to learn about you, right?  But actually most of them are there to learn how you can help or serve them.  The website needs to answer those questions.  Therefore, the website’s content needs to be focused on the needs of your clients.

There are a couple other tips to consider.

Avoid the common tendency to start your website off with a “Welcome to our Website” message.  This tells them the next paragraph or two are not worth reading.   Plus the space you normally place that message is a valuable marketing spot and should be used for a great attention getting title.  Use that space wisely.

Avoid any “under construction” or “coming soon” types of messages.  Put whatever content you put there and don’t put anything that’s not ready.   There is no need to put a page that doesn’t have content.  Just leave that offline until it’s ready or put abbreviated content in place.

Avoid putting too much text.  More headlines break up text.  More images add to the experience.  Visitors prefer to quickly browse the site instead of studying it.

Use basic marketing principles.  Do not educate your visitors, rather inform them.  Tell them what you have done and will do for them.  Don’t try to teach them HOW you do what you do.   Focus on the benefits not the work.   Be sure to provide a call to action as well.  Let people know what action to take right now.  Always assume they want to proceed and your web page is going to lead them to get started right now.

Get it right and you will get more results.  We will get it right for you.  Call Anything Internet today and we will review your content and help you get it right.  Call us today.


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