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What is a Mastermind Group?

by Jerry Hobby on March 16, 2012

One of the best self-help books ever written was Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you have never read it, read it. It’s the bible for successful people. One of the key principles taught in this book is about the importance of joining a Mastermind group.

A Mastermind group is a group of selected and qualified people who agree to help each other through various challenges. Maybe you are trying to sort out your new business plan. Perhaps you are debating between two very different technical solutions to a project you are working on. When decisions are really important, it’s great to have experts you can bounce your ideas off of. If you need a quick question answered, LinkedIn and Facebook do the trick. But when you need a more serious discussion, a Mastermind group is essential.

The diverse knowledge available in the community of Gnomies is staggering. There are fantastic technical resources and amazing business minds. From marketing geniuses to brilliant problem solvers, we have it all. What if you could work with a small group of dedicated Gnomies and everyone works closely together to support each other? Imagine the power, the intellect, the self-confidence!

Jerry Hobby (yeah, that’s me) and Chris Pirillo will delve into the concepts of setting up and participating in a Gnomie Mastermind group. Do not miss this webinar! Mastermind groups are powerful, time proven, and when powered by Gnomie-Knowledge, it’s potentially the most powerful tool available to you.

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