The Large Corporate Approach to Social Media

by Jerry Hobby on April 3, 2012

The Large Corporate Approach to Social Media

Have you noticed that TV commercials, product packaging, and other branding efforts from major corporations are all mentioning Facebook?   If not, pay attention.  Facebook and twitter are showing up on more marketing materials than ever.   It’s funny because it is a “one toe in the water” approach to it.  In other words, they don’t have any idea how to make socail media work at their level.  But they all got one thing right.  They need a social presence.  They just don’t know what that is going to look like.

Do these major corporations have a large social media team?  I doubt it.  Do they have elaborate campaigns on social media?  Highly unlikely.   If the major corporations are doing so little, should the small business owner work hard in the uncharted domains of social media?   Absolutely.  Here’s what’s really going on.

Major companies are determined to play in social media.  They have done the studies to see it’s a place they must exist.  They have also learned that Facebook is a critical part of evaluating potential new hires.  Did you know that some company(s) are now asking for your Facebook PASSWORD when you apply for  a job?  The significance of this is HUGE!   Skipping that political and legal issue, the point is that everyone knows Facebook is an essential tool.   This is like the old days when we discussed the necessity of a web page.  Now we are discussing the necessity of a social media presence.

Social media is the new version of word-of-mouth marketing.  If you know how referral networking works, then you should use those strategies in social media.  If you know how word-of-mouth marketing works, then you should use those techniques.   There are very few techniques in the “real world” that don’t work also in the virtual world.  The virtual world lets you reach out further, faster, and cheaper.  No gasoline, no membership fees, no weekly lunch or breakfast meetings.   Bigger reach with less effort and less spend.   Sure, you have to find an hour a day to do this.  But you also need an hour a day to do any of the other marketing things you are currently doing.  If you commit yourself to social media branding and marketing, you’ll see results with a better return on investment than most of the other techniques you currently use.

Doing it “right” requires a bit of  a strategy.   You probably need some help to get it all setup and working like a machine.  We help you do that.  Training videos.  Informative discussions.  Assistance from staff with tedious portions of the work.   Whatever it takes, Anything Internet will get-er-done for you and with you.


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