Winning and Losing at Facebook Marketing

by Jerry Hobby on April 17, 2012

Winning and Losing at Facebook Marketing

Recent studies show that people are as quick to un-like you as they are to like you.   People prefer to have a strong loyal relationship with companies, but as in real life, they must feel an attachment and loyalty to you.  This is frequently missing from most social media campaigns.

It’s common to use social media to post a series of messages to Facebook, twitter, or other networks.  Is this effective?  Does this build loyalty?   Or do these messages actually create brand loyalty?   The messages you post can deliver customers ranging from “fleeting interest” to “short term loyalty” to “long term loyalty”.

Why do people “like” or follow a company page?   The top reason, according to a recent survey, was to get discounts or special offers.   Think of it as the “coupon” effect.  This is why Groupon is so successful.   If you can make special offers or promotions, you can attract people faster than with any other method.

The same people were asked why they “un-like” those companies.  There were two very strong answers.   The top reason people go away – too many messages.   This is a tough one.  You want to update people, but if you do it too much.  You are OUT.   I will confess this is the number one reason I un-friend someone.  If someone is posting too often, you push my other friends off the page.  If someone posts four or five messages in a row, it’s annoying.

The second most common reason for abandonment was that the reason for following was expired.  Perhaps it was around an event or something.  If you run a big summer social media campaign, be prepared to follow it up with something else so your followers stay interested. It is easier to keep a customer than to find a new one.

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