Getting Great Testimonials

by Jerry Hobby on May 1, 2012

Getting Great Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the best tools you can use to demonstrate your credibility for your products and/or services.  In fact, you can use testimonials to draw attention to less obvious characteristics of your unique values for your company. Imagine you sell fresh produce.  You can promise everywhere on your website you have the highest quality and freshest produce available.  Every competitor says the same thing.

How do you reinforce this to your clients?  Include testimonials from clients that state clearly that your produce is better and fresher than any other company.  That your selection was superior.   You can claim all these things yourself, but the testimonial will carry more credibility. Testimonials can be placed on your website, in your printed materials, on Linkedin, Facebook, and printed product sheets.    The real effort for you is just to collect them from clients.

The best method for collecting testimonials is to request them from clients after each project.  If you have a particular point you want to highlight, ask your client to focus on that element.  Most clients are happy to do so.  Perhaps you will say something like this, “Joe, would you be willing to write a glowing testimonial for us to use on our website and in our marketing materials?  We know you appreciate the freshness of  our products and the wide variety as well.  A testimonial that pointed out those two things would be very helpful. ”

By advising clients what you are looking for in a testimonial, you will collect much better testimonials.  If you do not guide your clients, you’ll get testimonials that say something like, “I love these guys.”, without any clarifications as to why. Collect testimonials on a regular basis.   Then add them to the website, your Google business listing, and as many other sites as possible.   We can help with the who, what, when, why, and how — let’s pump up your reputation.

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