Boost Sales With Transformation Stories

by Jerry Hobby on May 8, 2012

Boost Sales With Transformation Stories 

Testimonials are a critical part of building credibility for your products and services.  Let’s take that a step further and turn those testimonials into powerful stories.   Instead of thinking about what you CAN do for your clients – think of what you HAVE done for your clients.  Think of it from the client’s perspective.

Perhaps an accountant could claim he did a great job of helping a customer get a tax problem solved.   If you ask this client, maybe this client will add more details of how this service actually improved his business.  For example:

Johnathon’s business was living dollar by dollar and frequently had trouble keeping up with their bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes.  Working as a team with Johnathon, we were able to reduce excess spending, cut fees, and resolve several very expensive problems.  The company has a healthy financial picture now and are growing rapidly.  

This type of story is best if you include descriptive and emotional phrases that emphasize the transformation from near-death to rapid growth.  The point is that a real person with a real story about a real success story will produce real customers for you.   It isn’t about the particular details of what you do.  It’s all about the customer and how the customer benefited in major ways, with your help, of course.

These types of stories can be used on your website or possible as a leave-behind that supports a product or service.  The place to start is to really focus on learning how your customer’s really benefit from you.  You aren’t taking credit for all their successes, but it is fine to take credit for being part of the team that turned it all around for someone.



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