The DIY Social Death Spiral

by Jerry Hobby on May 15, 2012

The DIY Social Death Spiral

What is the number one question on your mind about boosting your online business?   Lately, the biggest topic that people ask me about is, “What do I need to do on Facebook, Twitter, etc?”    In fact, Facebook is probably the biggest story in the news and may continue to be the biggest story for a while to come. Social media sites and the culture of social media is evolving from some “thing” you do online to being more significant than anything that’s happened in decades.  I would argue that social media and social media culture is a stronger force than the invention of the Internet itself.   The challenge is that the culture is changing and evolving so fast that it’s very difficult to keep up with.   Even the self-proclaimed experts are wrestling with this one. The “DIY” I refer to in the title is the do-it-yourself marketers.   These DIY social marketers are failing, usually due to one of the following reasons:

  1. They get caught up in trying to research and learn about this world and never really take much action.
  2. They can’t find the time and continue to postpone the work until “tomorrow”.
  3. They take some action online, but are making strategic mistakes and never realize it.
  4. They hire someone to do this work, and that person also suffers from these same issues.
There is a balance of what you can do yourself and what you should have help doing.  There is a balance between how much money you can invest versus how much time you can invest.   Regardless of how you balance out  your time and money, to be successful you have to have a strategy.   That strategy needs to include the pure social / community aspects as well as the strategic marketing aspects.
Should you include links to your website and try to drive traffic there?
Should you try to make things happen on social media, or should social media be entirely social?
Should you use your personal profile?  Business Pages?   Groups?
Should you use a newsletter?  Or use social messaging?   Or both?
How does all this fit and work within your existing marketing strategies?
Trying to figure all this out on your own — you can get stuck with more questions than answers.    Ignore the strategic parts and you may find yourself doing too much of the wrong thing.  Do too much of the research and you may find that not enough is actually getting done.   Getting lost sorting it all out — this is the DIY Social Death Spiral.
Avoid the DIY Social Death Spiral.  Call us for your free consultation and let’s sort this out together.  Call us today.


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