Are You Hiding From Your Customers?

by Jerry Hobby on May 29, 2012

Are You Hiding From Your Customers?

What do you think is the most common reason that websites fail to generate clients and/or sales?   Whatever you just said, congratulations!  That’s one of the answers and was a very good guess from you, I’m sure.

The best answer is that the website is just too hard to do business with.   But what does that really mean?

  • Can they find the site?  Is it well ranked in search engines?
  • Can they find the product or service they want?
  • Can they figure out prices, or policies, etc?
  • Can they see if the product or service will fix THEIR problem?
  • Can they purchase it online?
  • Can they contact you with questions via phone, email, or in person?
These are all contributors to the problem.  A website is successful only when all the ingredients are there and the process is smooth and intuitive for the client.  But there’s one issue that’s the biggest problem of all of them.  And that’s the last item on the list.   Can they contact you?
It seems like everyone would have contact information on their site.  Then, if someone does attempt to contact the company, you would think the customer would get through to someone and get a timely response.   In reality, more companies are losing customers simply because the customer gave up and went somewhere else.
There are more factors than these, of course.  What you should consider is the total dollar value of customers that wanted to buy from you and somehow abandoned the idea before the transaction.
Do you lose customers this way?  Let’s plug the leaks.  Call us today.


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