Serving Your Customers Online

by Jerry Hobby on June 5, 2012

Serving Your Customers Online

Customer service is a funny thing.   Some people want to meet face-to-face.  These people will just “stop by” the office and chat about whatever’s on their mind.  Others prefer telephone, or email, or text messages, or Facebook, etc.   The challenge for today’s businesses is that new communications tools come into play, but the old ones do not go away.   This makes life more convenient for the customer, but far less convenient for the business owner.

These days, customers are expecting you to be wherever they are and do do business however they do business.  Customers are looking for companies that are a good fit with product and service, but also for a good fit with convenience.   I have clients that refuse to communicate outside of Facebook.   Most clients do well with email, but not all of them.  I have a few clients who are technical and want to be fully involved in the process.   Each of these clients needs to be supported using their own preferences.   This is where it can get complicated.   But instead of thinking about how complicated it is, think about how embracing these methods can also help you acquire more clients.   Having options for your clients means having more clients.

If you are a retailer, this could mean having a shopping cart on your website, having a direct mail catalog, having an ebay store, and having a physical store as well.   Do you need all these?  We need to explore your situation further to know.   The best way to know what customers want is to pay attention to some of the clues out there.   What are your competitors doing?  What are your customers inquiring about?

From sales to support, these options can make a big difference.   Imagine an auto shop where cars are repaired.   Now, imagine a web camera pointing at the front, back, top, and bottom of each car bay.  Whenever a car is pulled into the bay, a customer is notified he can watch the car repair video live on a web page.    This concept could be done for making pizza as well.  Then the customer, with his phone, can literally see his car, or watch a pizza being made, or whatever it is.

Or start simple, have a method for sending the customer a daily email that updates them on the status of their project.   Have fun with this and use very friendly and perhaps slightly comical verbiage.  The customer has a warm feeling and the number of “what’s going on” telephone inquiries cuts back.

Sure, your business is different.  That’s why we offer free consultations.  Call and schedule a one hour visit at your office and let’s brainstorm.

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