The Content Machine

by Jerry Hobby on June 19, 2012

The Content Machine

One thing that Google loves, is fresh content. If you can add new content to your website as often as possible, Google will notice this and reward you for your efforts. Writing articles for your website can be a time drain. Here are a few ideas on how to get more mileage from each article or newsletter.

Divide the content – Distribute your content onto more than one page.  The first page will be a teaser, or summary.  It contains enough information to capture the attention of the reader.  Then it has a “read more” link that takes the reader to a page on your website.   This helps to create more clicks and also helps you to know how many people actually read the article.  Breaking up the article to consume three or four pages is even better.

Distribute the first page – The first page, with the teaser, can be added to a newsletter, another blog, other websites.  As long as it links back to your own site.  There is one thing to remember, if you do this, make sure the article itself still requires two or more page views on your site.  Visitors who see one page and then leave are called “bounces”.  We don’t want that.

Enable comments – Comments are content on your site.  Enable comments on your articles and encourage people to comment.  The comments create additional content.  The result is that your site has content changes even more frequently.   Use a comment tool that allows you to embed comments so that you can duplicate those comments on each page of the article. Again, you get more content changes by using this method.

Encourage discussions – On Facebook, within your article, or newsletter, ask questions for your readers to reply to in the comment area.  This will result in more comments being posted.

There are many other methods for creating more “content changes” on your site.  These tips are a great start.  Post articles to your site at least once a week and use those methods to generate daily updates to your site.  Google will reward  you with more relative traffic.  That’s a good thing.

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