Twitter Tagging Hits the Mainstream

by Jerry Hobby on July 3, 2012

Twitter Tagging Hits the Mainstream

Television shows, news programs, celebrities — they are all using twitter.  Why twitter?  Because twitter is easier for anyone who has a long list of followers.  You don’t have to accept friend requests, and messages are always short.   Twitter is unique as it was not built around individual messaging as much as group messaging.  Virtually all twitter messages are visible to all other twitter users.  This lends itself to a group chatter type of environment.

There are two major ways to communicate with twitter.  The standard twitter address where you can direct your messages such as mine, @TheEbizGuy.  If you follow me at that address, you’ll see my occasional updates.  Every twitter user has one of these addresses.  Sometimes it’s a company name, sometimes a person.   The other way to use twitter, which is exploding in popularity, is to use hash-tags.  Hash tags are basically keywords to search for.  Hash tags are started with a # symbol.   Whenever you add a word with a # in front of it, it’s a clue to other users to search for that word and see whatever others are saying about it.

Hash tags are more popular lately because you don’t have to “follow” or “subscribe” to them.  You can just search twitter for them and follow the topic.   You can join the conversation by using the hash tag in your own messages.  No one has to follow you to see your message.  Everyone just uses hash tags and then everyone follows hash tags and we can converse with each other for that one particular subject.   It’s perfect for topics that come and go such as news events, games, conferences, etc.

We recommend you use hash tags with all your tweets.  But also to use hash tags with facebook and other messaging systems as well.  People are learning to search for these things.   You will want to choose your tags carefully so you get the best results.  Using #free, for example, is not narrow enough.  Using #freeipad may work better if you are giving away an ipad, but be careful as someone else might already be using that and you don’t want clients to get confused.   No one owns the tag, really, but it is important that your tag usage benefits you and your readers.

Let’s get your tags sorted out and increase the reach of your marketing message.  Call today for a free consultation.



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