The New World of Cloud Apps

by Jerry Hobby on July 8, 2012

The New World of Cloud Apps

Have you noticed how many software products have a web-based alternative?  Google Apps is an alternative to Microsoft Office and there are a host of other web-based products as well.  There are benefits and risks to each of them.  Which apps you use, what those risks are, and how you manage those risks is a huge conversation all by itself.  Something we can’t get into deeply in this article.  What we can be sure of, however, is that hosted applications is the obvious future.

The gigantic push right now is the battle over hosted storage.  Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and several other companies are offering cloud storage. is a leader in this space and is another major player.  Amazon’s service is the backbone behind many smaller company options as well.  Everyone is fighting to be the storehouse of all the data in the world.

Web based apps are all adding support for these services as well.  You can place files on, for example, and then use those files from your iPad, your Phone, your computers, and some web-based applications can get to those files as well.   This is where it becomes important and why I bring this up.

All the web based apps operate on the principle that your world should exist in the cloud and not on a single fragile computer.   But for this work, all your data, all your passwords, and all the integration between applications must exist in the cloud as well.   Therefore, cloud storage and applications that tie different applications together are a huge new industry that comes with the emergence of cloud based software.

This changes how you perform backups, how you secure data, and how you manage staff access to different systems.  Issues from creating multiple login accounts on multiple systems and connecting them with other sites and the impact of this on security and management can be ridiculously complicated.  Something as simple as a nightly backup may not even be possible on some systems.  Certainly the procedures are different for each of these cloud-based systems.

If you have thought about migrating to cloud-based apps, great!  Call us and let us help you sort out the risks and rewards.

If you have thought about having custom developed cloud apps for your business, definitely talk to us.  We can help you develop your own cloud apps and to avoid the pitfalls.


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