Choose the Right Social Network

by Jerry Hobby on July 17, 2012

Choose the Right Social Network

I presented a topic the other day, “Socializing Your Business”, to a fantastic group of professional financial executives.   A great group and a wonderful conversation about all the ins and outs of social networking.  As we discussed all this “cool stuff”, it became really clear to me that it’s just too much work to do everything all at once.   But what first?  What matters most?

What is important is that whatever you do, you pay proper attention to it.  If you start working a certain social networking site, and then stop monitoring it, you might be losing customers.  It is better to focus on one site and don’t overwhelm yourself.  Add on additional sites as you get into the swing of things.

Here’s a quick overview of the important sites and what makes them unique: – Largest social networking site in the world.  Primarily a consumer environment.  Filled with regular “family” folks of all ages and backgrounds.   It is the largest target environment in the world and suitable for virtually any type of business presence.  B2C businesses should not ignore this site.  B2B companies are also present as well. – Largest social networking site that targets only businesses and professionals.  A great place for the business minded business.  B2B businesses are very much at home here. – This is primarily videos, right?  Wrong!  The most popular content is actually the commenting.  This is a real social network and the social aspects focus around videos.  But the videos are in all flavors and you can gain a lot from contributing and participating here.  This is ideal for anyone that makes videos, obviously, but can also be good for many other niches. – This is a fantastic consumer chat tool, but difficult to really build a business here.  There are ways, however.  If your business knows how to work in the real-time messaging world of Twitter, there are things you can do that do work.  The most common business users are celebrities, television shows, newscasters, or anyone with a significant fan-base.  It’s also very useful for anyone focused on very current topics as trending topics is a big part of Twitter.

Google Plus – This environment is ripe with brilliant thought leaders.  You will find artists, authors, famous bloggers, and who knows who else.  It seems that the early adopters are also the thought-leaders.  I love Google Plus as brain food.  As for business, if you can hold your own, you can meet some really fantastic people there.  I don’t recommend Google Plus for really casual participants as it really is built around more real-time types of messaging.

Pinterest – The hottest new thing in social networking sites.  If you are not on Pinterest, get on Pinterest.  It seems to be focused around images and commenting on images.  But this has a lot of flexibility.  The one thing you can be sure of, is everything is built around images.   You will also see that this graphical style lends itself well to many business types as well.

We can help you setup your professional presence and create your marketing strategies for each of these platforms and others as well.  Which tools should you use?  What types of things should you say?  There is a lot to sort out.  There are some emerging “issues” that will be devastating to people who abuse these sites.   Get it right the first time.  Call us today.


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