Our Website Review Video

by Jerry Hobby on July 29, 2012

Our Website Review Video

What happens when someone sees your website for the very first time?  Are they impressed?  Do they find everything they are looking for?  Do the purchase something, sign up for something, or register for something?   A pretty website is a good start.  But what are you doing to boost credibility, close more sales, and take whatever the desirable action is?  This is what we look for with our website review videos.

There are a number of small mistakes that can make the difference between a success and a failure with a visitor.  Were they looking for some reassurance?  Some guarantee?  Was the phone number easy to find?  Are there errors or other problems?   I’ve seen websites with horrible problems actually be very successful.  What makes a website successful for some companies is a fail for others.

Anything Internet has always been known for our free website reviews.  You will get a video from five to fifteen minutes long with observations and comments designed to help you take your website to the next level.

Our basic website review is quite extensive and is absolutely free to prospective clients.   We will video record your website as we go through it and give you valuable feedback.  We share the video to you and you can view it, share it, and study it.

Call us today and we will do a video review of your website.


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