Ten Steps to Viral Copy Writing

by Jerry Hobby on August 14, 2012

Ten Steps to Viral Copy Writing

Why bother writing content if no one is going to read it.   There’s just too much information out there.  Learn how to focus on what’s most interesting, keep it brief, and your readers will appreciate your writing more and more.  If you do it well, they will share it, like it, thumbs up it, tell friends about it, comment on it, or reply to you.

  1. Top Ten Lists – Number lists have been selling magazines and they sell your message as well.  Check any magazine cover and see how many numbers appear there.   “10 exercises for a sexier tummy”, “5 ways to improve your resume”, etc.   For the record, TEN is the magic number.
  2. How To’s – Create how-to articles.  Give that step-by-step process.
  3. Interviews – Interview experts and celebrities.  It boosts your credibility and adds flavor to your material.
  4. Make it Stand Out – Include videos or images.  This catches the eye and brings in more readers.
  5. Powerful Topics – Bold and captivating titles catch people’s attention.  Lure them in.
  6. Tie it in – Bring your product or service into the topic.  Nothing wrong with that as long as the material has substance.
  7. Success Stories – Keep it real for people.  Illustrate a real life story.  Share a success story.
  8. Add the Bio – Put a little bio about the writer, which is probably you, in the footer of the article.  Just as you seen in magazines.  I need to start doing this myself.
  9. Take the time to read it and refine it.  Correcting typos, restating points, etc.  Make it more concise if you can.
  10. Promote it – Promote it like crazy.  Email people, call people, go to their houses at night!  Tell them to read it, share it, forward it, post it, 5 star rate it, anything.  If you won’t promote it, no one will.


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