True Social Networking Power

by Jerry Hobby on August 22, 2012

True Social Networking Power

We frequently discuss how to build your brand online or promote you products and services.  There is an even more powerful way to put social networking to work for you.   From organizing protests, to drawing attention to a cause that matters to you, or to draw attention and movement to any topic, more people are using the Internet and social networks to create action and awareness for just about anything.

Have you seen the new reality show, Stars Earn Stripes?  Hyped up by the network, this show has had major backlash from organized online protests.   It is so easy to create a buzz for just about anything.

There are many businesses suffering from online reviews, ratings, and complaints.   Customers have learned how to be amateur public relations bullies.   In fact, it is more fiction than fact and brings up a moral and legal issue that will face some backlash at some point.

The key for us is to use these tools to create a positive image and create some community loyal to us due to the wonderful causes or projects that we support.   If your company supports breast cancer awareness, sponsors events, and that commitment is clear on your website and social networking campaigns, then you are drawing a ton of positive attention and diminishing the risks of negative attention.

There are multiples benefits to consider.   You can increase your reach, increase your awareness, support a great cause, establish a stronger sense of loyalty from certain clients, and you will strengthen your reputation resulting in less exposure to any negativity that could arise.

Let’s build a strong positive image for your company.   Call us today for a free consultation.


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