Social, Local, Mobile – Emerging Marketing Trends

by Jerry Hobby on August 28, 2012

Social, Local, Mobile – Emerging Marketing Trends

Internet advertising introduced low-cost marketing that could span the globe.  Before long we discovered LOCAL marketing by putting ads in front of people based on geographical regions.   Suddenly online marketing was starting to make more sense for small business.

In recent years, social marketing hit the scene with more targeted ads.  Not just by location, but also by age, sex, and interests.  Finally marketers can put the right ads in front of the right person.   By putting precise ads in front of the perfect prospect has never been so easy.  Social marketing has exploded.  If you’ve ever wondered how Facebook makes money, this is it.

Mobile advertising is the next level of refinement and makes an entirely new style of marketing possible.  It’s becoming easier to create ads that only appear when someone is driving by your location.   The precision that’s possible with mobile marketing is a real game changer.   Google and other progressive companies are introducing powerful marketing tools specifically for this new capability.

Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) is the future and the future is now.  Call today and let’s put these methods to work for you.


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