C’Mon Get APPY

by Jerry Hobby on September 4, 2012

C’Mon Get APPY

Websites are what they are.  Great on a computer, acceptable on a touch pad device, and barely usable on a phone.  Mobile compatible websites are possible, but rarely are elegant.

When it comes to touch pad devices and smart phones, we are seeing that the trend is to use apps, not web pages.  Think about it.  How much time do you spend on your mobile browser?  How much time do you spend clicking through apps, games, and other things on your phone?

If you shop at amazon.com, try it on mobile web and try it on the app.  If you like Zappos.com, try that and then try the app.  First thing you will notice is that the app is better overall.  The other thing you’ll notice is that you use the app again and again.  Even if the app had less features, you will choose the app over the mobile browser.  Try for yourself and see.

From a business and marketing perspective, we need to capitalize on this phenomenon.  Using an app to strengthen the relationship between you and customers is very important.  Not just for retail, but for other services.  The possibilities are endless.  Think out of the box a little and see if you can spot a way that will result in your clients paying more attention to your company.  More presence of mind.  More interaction.  More self-service.  Whatever it is.

Want to sort out all the possibilities?  Of course you do.  We do to.  Call us right now and setup your free consultation and let’s get creative together.


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