Six Essential Low Budget Web Marketing Techniques

by Jerry Hobby on September 13, 2012

Six Essential Low Budget Web Marketing Techniques

You have a business website and you may also have an account on LinkedIn, Twitter, or FaceBook.  But the results are not what you expected.   Should you add more content to your website?  Should buy an ad somewhere?  Maybe put some notices on your Facebook page?  You want more results and you don’t want to waste a bunch of money doing something that doesn’t work.

 Here are a few tips to get things started.  Remember, doing something is always better than doing nothing.  Here are some ideas to get you started and they should fit into most budgets.
Have a Professional Website – No matter how you market your business, be it word of mouth or some type of advertising, customers eventually find your website.  When they do, they judge you.  Your website is your online storefront.
Sell Online – Whether you want people to register for something, join something, or purchase something, there is a desirable action and your website needs this capability.  Let customers book appointments from your website and odds are you will get more appointments.  Let them request additional information, such as product samples, and they will request more.
Solicit Reviews and/or Testimonials – Your products and services are being evaluated by prospective customers.  The more well written reviews and testimonials you have, the more likely someone will take the plunge and try you out.  The secondary benefit is that some customers appreciate being asked to give reviews and might also do some repeat business or give you a referral.  It’s a win-win-win.
Know your Keywords – Choosing keywords is key to bringing the best traffic to your website.  The combination of keywords should be based on each type of customer, product, service, challenge, and benefit.  What do people actually search for?  How can you combine ideal keywords into combinations to bring the right person to the right product or service?
Build a Blog – Writing regular articles and posting them on your blog makes your website active.  Active websites get more traffic.  You can use social media and newsletters to promote your blog and then your blog can promote your website, products, and services.  It’s all connected.  The blog is the thing that lets you keep things fresh and Google pays attention to how often you add content to your website.  It gets you better position on the search engines.
Go Social – Make sure to participate in Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or twitter.  The important point is that you must get yourself in front of your potential customers.  To do that, post information in places where your customers already hang out.  Placing an ad on your own website only works if people are visiting your website.  To get visitors to your website, promote your website in other places.  Social media sites are the best platform for nearly any type of business.
These are just a few basic ideas that are essential for creating a successful business website.  If you would like a specific plan for your company, we can help.  Call us today.

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