The True Power of Social Media Revealed

by Jerry Hobby on September 18, 2012

The True Power of Social Media Revealed

What type of messages should you be putting on your social media network?  Should you tell jokes?  Should you put up pictures of your family?  Should you put questions out there asking other people to reply with information such as testimonials?  Should you ask for referrals?  Should you post articles?  What makes your post good, according to Facebook, is how people respond to it on Facebook.  Here is an example of a Facebook post that had been liked 68,825 times in just a few days.  Read this Facebook post and pay attention to what it is that makes people really like it.


What makes this particular posting so powerful, is that it is a success story, and a human interest story, and was shared by the customer instead of the store.  This lady was so impressed with the store that she decided on her own to write this story and put it on her Facebook page.  It is an authentic and heartwarming testimonial.  This is precisely the kind of thing that you want your customers doing for you.

One suggestion on how to get customers to do this for you is to do this for them.  Whether you post something on Facebook, given special treatment in your facilities, or acknowledge them in some other way, your customers will appreciate being appreciated.  These happy customers are more likely to repay the favor and say great things about you.  Then, when a Facebook post or other publicity shows up like this, print it and hang it in your shop so other customers can see it.  That will show them a way that they can show their appreciation for you.  When you are creating extra value for your customer and you are showing your customer how other customers acknowledge you for going beyond expectations, then you are creating a new culture.  A culture where you treat customers better and customers treat you better and that generates more publicity and more word-of-mouth sales.

Social media websites are just like word-of-mouth marketing.  Everybody wants to know what everybody else is saying about everybody else.  It’s like traditional word-of-mouth marketing, but the reach is much greater and virtually instantaneous.  Create a culture in your company where customers feel you gone the extra mile and show them how you want them to go the extra mile for you.  Of course with your business, your specific circumstances are unique.  This is why we offer a free consultation.  We can help you with this.  Let’s get started today.

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