And The Winner Is … YOU!

by Jerry Hobby on October 16, 2012

And The Winner Is … YOU!

There are countless web pages, ads, Facebook messages, images, and videos being posted everywhere you look.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing more challenging than to stand out on the Internet.  Most of us are happy to have a presence with our limited exposure to friends, family, and a small number of random visitors.  How do you stand out from the crowd?  How do you get massive traffic and massive exposure?

Before we jump into these closely guarded top-secret strategies, it’s important to understand that these are indirect marketing tactics.  If you sell to a tight niche market, then you have to consider how to make these tactics work for you.  This requires you to know who your target audience is and find a way to leverage these strategies in a way that brings the best results for your business.

Facebook Contests – Create a contest on Facebook.  There are proven methods and companies that help to facilitate these contests for you.  I urge you to use these services as contests are subject to laws and those laws vary state by state.  Don’t just say “free iPad” and set  yourself up for trouble.  Design a contest that helps you get more followers on your Facebook page.  There are numerous strategies.  These contest companies will help with this.  The idea is that if you run a successful contest, you may gain a few thousand likes on Facebook in exchange for a few hundred dollars in prizes.

The Scavenger Hunt – If you are promoting several products on your website, or if you are trying to promote several companies, such as with a networking group, then have a scavenger hunt.  Have a list of questions where the answers are easily found on various web pages and the contest entry form is to answer four to ten scavenger questions.  The idea is that people will go through your website and become exposed to your content.  Further, Google will see the surge of activity and reward you with improved search engine positioning as well.

The goal of these strategies is to boost activity, exposure, and subscriptions to your newsletter or Facebook page.  Many people will participate simply to enter the contest.  This is where targeting your promotion of the contest makes a difference.  You want to have the prizes, the promotion, and the participants to be as targeted as possible.

Keep the momentum going with regular contests.  Two contests a year?  A new contest every month?  All these things need to be evaluated.   Which promotions you do, how you promote those promotions, who to target and how to get the most value from the campaign are all questions that Anything Internet can answer.  Call us today.  Really.  Today.   You’ll be glad you did.


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