Create a Work-From-Home Business

by Jerry Hobby on November 8, 2012

Create a Work-From-Home Business

There are as many business models are there are entrepreneurs.  I am intrigued by a newer business strategy that is showing up in some really unusual places.  These are tiny micro-niche services that do something very specific tasks and attempt to do their one little thing for as many people as possible.

Imagine someone who wants to work from home who decides they can handle a few tedious tasks for people and save them time.  We have all known people who will clean houses, do laundry, make some small home repairs, or organize someone’s home.  The concept is not new.  The business ideas are.  Creative business ideas include:

Accountability Partner — Why hire a secretary or personal assistant when all you need is for someone to nag you just a little bit?  A lot of “us” procrastinators only need someone to say, “did you get this done?”, or “If not, when will you?”.   It’s a simple thing and takes perhaps a few phone calls or instant messages and not more than one hour per day.   If someone would hold you accountable and improve your productivity, would that be worth $25/day or so?   A very focused accountability expert is a great job for the right person.  One person can keep ten to twenty people organized and make a very nice living just keeping people on track.   The perfect business for the right person.

Website Tech Support — Some website have live support.  Many of the live support agents are actually part-time work-from-home people who are paid to monitor the site’s live chat feed.  Those people may monitor live support for several different companies.  You might not need a full time person monitoring your website.  But what if you could get someone to learn about your company and products or services and then handle live support Q&A for you for just a few dollars a day?  A clever work-from-home person could monitor several business websites and make a decent living just monitoring and answering some chat support inquiries.   This can be very helpful for businesses that sell products on ebay, or where the staff is in the field or on appointments.

Specialized Writing — Whether you write for a blog, write resumes, create brochures, design logos, or create social media posts.  There is a very high demand for writers out there.  If you specialize in a specific niche, you can become highly efficient at the one thing you do and offer a very competitively priced service.  The key is to be specialized.  Someone who needs help with a blog can count on you to help write the articles each week.  What a powerful service.

The idea is to be highly focused and specialized in a specific service so that clients can hire you for very low cost tasks and you can be highly profitable because you are so effective at that task.  Business owners should start looking for specialized providers to handle specific needs and entrepreneurial minded people should consider what services to offer that can be turned into an efficient cash-machine.

Have you been wanting to start a little work-from-home business?  Call me and we’ll get you up and running fast and cheap and you’ll be in business before you know what happened.  Call me now.


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