Strategic Social Marketing

by Jerry Hobby on November 13, 2012

Strategic Social Marketing

There is a significant difference between operational social marketing and strategic social marketing. Operational social marketing seems to be the topic that most people discuss. That includes things like how to sign up, how to make a post, how to make friends, etc. Strategic social marketing is about your goals and how to create results.

Most small businesses fail to use social media at all. If they do use social media, they are uncertain as to how to use social media properly. Most publicly available information on social media discusses the operational issues. Your social media strategy does not depend on which tools you use or which buttons you click. Your social media strategy, again, is about your goals and creating results.

There are a number of things to consider when you create your social marketing strategy. Are you offering customer support? Are you building some type of online community? Are your customers going to help each other? Do you need to partner with other businesses? What makes people want to be in your social community? What results do you want to produce from your social media strategy? How can you boost sales without looking like it’s a marketing ploy? How are you building loyalty and your customers? How would you convince noncustomers to become customers without direct marketing?

You rarely hear of these topics being discussed because they’re too difficult to discuss generically. This is the reason you should hire a social media marketing firm to help you. The challenge is that most social media marketing professionals seem to be more focused on tools and technologies and not on strategy. When you interview a social media company, pay attention to how interested they are in your strategy and your customers and whether or not you believe they understand the importance of creating the correct message or building the right community that fits your strategic objectives. Even if you want to do all your social media work yourself it may be worth your time to have a consultant help you with your strategic social marketing plan. Call us today.



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