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What’s The Difference?

by Jerry Hobby on March 27, 2012

What’s The Difference? I meet a lot of people who are starting a new business or at least contemplating it.  There are two very common challenges facing most of these startups.  Both of them are really just two angles on the same dilemma.  Maybe it’s a left-brain or right-brain thing.  I don’t know. One crowd seems to be looking to start a business that doesn’t exist already.  They want to have an original product and whatever ideas they come up with, […]


Simon Sinek’s, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, at TED

by Jerry Hobby on February 21, 2012

This video is a special bonus I am sharing with you all.  This video is from Simon Sinek’s discussion, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, at TED.  This is an amazing talk on leadership and branding.  I can’t stress enough how important this topic is.   Anything I would say to describe it would be wasted words.  Just watch this video and you’ll see why I am so excited to share this with you.  


The Greatest Gift ….

by Jerry Hobby on February 17, 2012

Have you ever noticed how people seem eager to contribute their thoughts and ideas to you, even if you don’t ask them too? In fact, sometimes it can be annoying, to be honest, that so many people seem eager to interrupt in order to give advice. This is the nature of human beings. What we can gleam from this is that people love to contribute, acknowledged, and appreciated in some fashion. It’s a measure of our worth to the world […]


I Don’t Have a Product …

by Jerry Hobby on February 22, 2011

The most common response I get from people who are concerned about marketing is, “I don’t have a product”.  Maybe you offer a service of some type.  Maybe you are a consultant.  From a marketing perspective, “RESULTS” is your product. Are you a “coach”, prove to me your system works with statistics.  Promise me certain results in a certain period.  Create a defined result that’s measurable and beneficial and proven.  That is your product, scope, and benefits. Are you afraid […]


Come Back, Please!

by Jerry Hobby on December 7, 2010

I had a client that referred to himself as “the one-night-stand of the Internet”.  His goal was to sell you a product and move on.  Sure, he wanted repeat business.  But he did not want a “relationship”.  Buy my stuff and go away! Most of us want to know our customers.  We care about them.  For those of us who truly love our customers, we want repeat business.  But what do we do to generate repeat business? We periodically call […]


Public Speaking – From Beginner to Pro

by Jerry Hobby on September 21, 2010

Ask any serious public speaker and you’ll get the same answer.  It’s a critical skill and invaluable for building your business.  There’s practically no better way to build credibility and generate new leads for your business. If you aren’t comfortable as a public speaker, then step one is tovisit a local Toastmasters club.  I have been in Toastmasters for years and can’t say enough about how valuable, and fun, Toastmasters is. If you are either a professional speaker, or aspire […]


Go Global With a Virtual Workforce

by Jerry Hobby on March 4, 2008