Social Networking

Twitter Tagging Hits the Mainstream

by Jerry Hobby on July 3, 2012

Twitter Tagging Hits the Mainstream Television shows, news programs, celebrities — they are all using twitter.  Why twitter?  Because twitter is easier for anyone who has a long list of followers.  You don’t have to accept friend requests, and messages are always short.   Twitter is unique as it was not built around individual messaging as much as group messaging.  Virtually all twitter messages are visible to all other twitter users.  This lends itself to a group chatter type of […]


The Content Machine

by Jerry Hobby on June 19, 2012

The Content Machine One thing that Google loves, is fresh content. If you can add new content to your website as often as possible, Google will notice this and reward you for your efforts. Writing articles for your website can be a time drain. Here are a few ideas on how to get more mileage from each article or newsletter. Divide the content – Distribute your content onto more than one page.  The first page will be a teaser, or […]


The DIY Social Death Spiral

by Jerry Hobby on May 15, 2012

The DIY Social Death Spiral What is the number one question on your mind about boosting your online business?   Lately, the biggest topic that people ask me about is, “What do I need to do on Facebook, Twitter, etc?”    In fact, Facebook is probably the biggest story in the news and may continue to be the biggest story for a while to come. Social media sites and the culture of social media is evolving from some “thing” you […]


Getting Great Testimonials

by Jerry Hobby on May 1, 2012

Getting Great Testimonials Testimonials are one of the best tools you can use to demonstrate your credibility for your products and/or services.  In fact, you can use testimonials to draw attention to less obvious characteristics of your unique values for your company. Imagine you sell fresh produce.  You can promise everywhere on your website you have the highest quality and freshest produce available.  Every competitor says the same thing. How do you reinforce this to your clients?  Include testimonials from […]


Search Engines versus Social Media Sites

by Jerry Hobby on April 24, 2012

Search Engines versus Social Media Sites Optimizing your website for search engines, otherwise known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tried and true strategy for improving your rankings on Google and other search engines.  What does it take to be successful with this strategy?   A lot of work, unfortunately.  The pay-off can take some time as well. Typically, an SEO campaign starts with putting the correct keywords on your website, some revisions of the content to be more […]


Winning and Losing at Facebook Marketing

by Jerry Hobby on April 17, 2012

Winning and Losing at Facebook Marketing Recent studies show that people are as quick to un-like you as they are to like you.   People prefer to have a strong loyal relationship with companies, but as in real life, they must feel an attachment and loyalty to you.  This is frequently missing from most social media campaigns. It’s common to use social media to post a series of messages to Facebook, twitter, or other networks.  Is this effective?  Does this […]


The Large Corporate Approach to Social Media

by Jerry Hobby on April 3, 2012

The Large Corporate Approach to Social Media Have you noticed that TV commercials, product packaging, and other branding efforts from major corporations are all mentioning Facebook?   If not, pay attention.  Facebook and twitter are showing up on more marketing materials than ever.   It’s funny because it is a “one toe in the water” approach to it.  In other words, they don’t have any idea how to make socail media work at their level.  But they all got one […]


Private Communities in Social Media

by Jerry Hobby on March 20, 2012

Private Communities in Social Media Social media is becoming more essential than ever and we expect to see the highest growth in social media during 2012. This growth is impressive because it demonstrates the outstanding capabilities social media has brought to personal and professional communications. One popular trend has been to become friends with as many people as possible and accept as many friend requests that come your way. The more people in your network, the more activity, and that’s […]


Social Media Marketing Mishaps

by Jerry Hobby on March 13, 2012

Social Media Marketing Mishaps Have you started your social media marketing yet?  Many large companies have been launching social media experiments and some are “epic fails”.   To understand these stories, you need to understand one detail.  In Twitter, hashtags are used to define keywords for search.  If you put the keyword #houston in your twitter message, then anyone searching for #houston can follow those messages even if they don’t follow that user.  Following hashtag keywords is extremely popular.  Try […]


What’s Your Online Reputation?

by Jerry Hobby on February 7, 2012

What’s Your Online Reputation? Search for your own name on and check out the first page of results.  Try your company name as well.  Don’t look for your own website, but look for other websites that mention your name for some reason.  Can you find websites that talk about the quality of you or your company?   Are there complaints or insults anywhere?   Are there messages or profiles published that wish were not showing up online? Try searching […]