Social Networking

The Social Laws of Marketing

by Jerry Hobby on January 31, 2012

The Social Laws of Marketing The Internet has changed how consumers respond to marketing.  Prior to the Internet, we could put out traditional ads and people would respond to them or ignore them.  With the Internet, advertising has become more socialized and it is more important than ever for our marketing meets community standards.  These community standards could be described as the social laws of marketing.  Permission Based Marketing Consumers have developed an intolerance to advertising, especially in “on-demand” information […]


A Business Approach to Social Media

by Jerry Hobby on January 24, 2012

A Business Approach to Social Media Social media has been around a while, but lately there has been a lot more companies taking social media much more seriously.  Some companies are doing a fantastic job.  Most companies are still feeling their way around.   There are new trends in social media.  If you are not embracing social media, then maybe it’s time you do.  If you are embracing social media, then maybe it’s time to revisit your strategy to generate […]


SEO or Social Media – Coming Out on Top

by Jerry Hobby on January 17, 2012

SEO or Social Media – Coming Out on Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the standard strategy for optimizing a website for higher placement on search sites, like Google, Yahoo, etc.   We all want to be on top of the search engines, so we all want someone to “do” SEO on our site. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a much newer term.  It refers to promoting your website, products, and services in the social media websites such as […]


Social Word-of-Mouth Strategies

by Jerry Hobby on January 8, 2012

Social Word-of-Mouth Strategies I get the same questions over and over again from clients of our social web marketing strategies. “What should I say?”, “How can I do this without investing a lot of time?”, “How do I get people to actually do business with us?”. These questions are so common and they all demonstrate the problems of marketing on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Linkedin. In traditional marketing, you rely on getting your message in front of strangers and […]


Getting Social with the Social Web

by Jerry Hobby on December 21, 2011

Getting Social with the Social Web – Going Beyond Ad-Slinging I have interviewed a lot of social web “experts” lately just to see who really knows their stuff and who doesn’t. I can tell you straight up, I am not impressed. It seems that if a social web site is used for business marketing, then the assumption is that you should promote your business by either talking about your business or sharing a few facts about why people need your […]


Business Strategies for Facebook

by Jerry Hobby on December 18, 2011

This button takes you to the Steven Kay Live website where you can listen to the radio show Business Strategies for Facebook Last week we explored the risks and inevitability of Facebook.  This week we are going to delve into the strategies for positioning your business to get the most out of Facebook. It is quite common for companies to start bombarding social networks with ads or other tidbits of information that’s not very interesting to the readers.  Readers will […]


Can you live without Facebook?

by Jerry Hobby on December 10, 2011

This button takes you to the Steven Kay Live website where you can listen to this show, either live or as an archived show. Can you live without Facebook? Facebook is in the process of going public. This is an interesting twist as Mark Zuckerberg has stated he never wanted to go public because he doesn’t want to report information to the SEC, etc. The predictable future is that Mark will retire and Facebook will become a corporate entity that goes […]


Viral Marketing on the Social Web

by Jerry Hobby on October 11, 2011

Let’s say that you have 5000 followers on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social web services.  5000 followers could produce 50 or more clients for your business, depending on what your business sells.  Marketing to those 5000 people the right way is critical, right? Now, imagine that each of those followers has followers of their own.  Let’s say an average of 100 each just for simple math.  The potential market for your products multiplies by 100 for this second […]


The Great Social Internet War

by Jerry Hobby on September 20, 2011

A lot of things have been changing on Facebook lately. Google has launched it’s new service,Google+, and Facebook is fighting back. Let’s get past the hoopla and talk about what this really means. First, the great INTERNET war is between Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google. Nearly every one of these companies is allied against Google at the moment. This is much like the TV show Survivor, the alliances are volatile and will change over time. In the SOCIAL SPACE, Facebook […]


Social Networks, Social Circles, Google+

by Jerry Hobby on August 3, 2011

Just as most people are finding their way around FaceBook, linkedin, and twitter, it’s time to expand our horizons into the next generation of social networking.  While this evolution is inevitable, I’m not sure how successful it will be overall.  I think this new model is a stepping stone to the future.  Let me explain. FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all had issues with people having too many friends, making too many posts, and all that content becoming “noise”.  For […]