Internet Marketing is a closely guarded recipe of technology, technique, and strategy.  No one ever reveals all their secrets.  In fact, the people who talk the most are frequently the people who know the least.  True Internet Marketers protect their knowledge and apply it to their own businesses.  The self-professed experts know a trick or two, but frequently are buried in misguided strategies such as black-hat SEO and rumor-mill websites.  These guys like to see this as a dark industry.  But it’s only dark because they are looking for ways to beat the system, not succed in the system.  There is a system.  There are ways to use the system.  It is a fast moving and ever changing world.  But it is not a dark place where pocket-protectors rule the universe.  It is an exciting world that is truly understood by very few people.


Jerry Hobby, CEO of Anything Internet, is an author, speaker, blogger, radio personality, and recognized expert in Internet marketing.  Jerry’s blog, at, is about the future of Internet business and features articles, techniques, and futurist ramblings on Internet marketing.  Jerry provides extensive training to the staff at Anything Internet and offers consulting services to clients of Anything Internet.   Jerry is committed to building websites that work.


Anything Internet offers a free one-hour consultation.  These consultations are very limited and are really focused on our gaining an understanding of your business and your goals.  We want to understand you, your products, your customers, and what you have tried in the past.  We may give some advice, but this is not a full consultation.


A paid Internet marketing consultation is available and well worth the investment for anyone who is serious about succeeding online.  This type of consulation usually involves a deep analysis of your current website, your online business strategy, your marketing strategies, your customers, your competitors, or whatever you need answers to.  The most common questions are, “Is my business idea a good idea?  If so, what will this really cost me to do?”  People have ideas, but they don’t know if they are good ideas.  Jerry is a straight shooter and will tell you what you need to hear.  He has actually refused clients because their idea was so bad that he didn’t feel right taking their money.

FREE TIP:  If you have an idea that no one else seems to be doing, it is probably a bad idea and you just don’t know it yet.  If you have an idea, but there is lots of competition, it is probably a good idea but will require a significant investment before you succeed.  You typically cannot make millions of dollars without taking massive risks and putting forth massive efforts.


If you are determined to do the work yourself, but need help in knowing what to do, we also offer coaching services.  We will interview you to see if you are a suitable client for coaching services.  Our priority is that you are successful.