Corporate Information

Anything Internet is a subsidiary of Texas Business Technologies, LLC, a registered limited liability company in the state of Texas.  You may contact Anything Internet at the following:

Anything Internet
c/o Texas Business Technologies, LLC
5920 Allday Drive
Houston, TX 77036

800-686-5986 (not for technical support)



  1. Anything Internet makes multiple backups of every website we host.  Backups are run on a regular basis.  We do not warranty these backups for your purposes.  These backups are available to Anything Internet as a tool to provide exceptional customer service.  It is not a service guarantee to our clients.  If some situation occurs where the website is damaged, we will try to recover your website from one of our backups.  We cannot guarantee that the recovery will be successful and we cannot guarantee that your data is current.

    Your web hosting control panel has options allowing you to create your own backups and download them.  It is your responsibility to perform your own backups routinely.

  2. Websites designed by us are designed using standard techniques and standard tools.  Standards change frequently.  Just as your PC needs updates periodically, so does our web server and so does your website.  Every time a new browser update occurs, there is some risk your website will no longer display correctly.  Every time we update our web server, there is a chance that a problem could occur on your website.  These are not covered under warranty.  We will work with you on the solutions and pricing based on whatever the problems are.
  3. Our websites come with a warranty against bugs or defects caused by Anything Internet for a period of 30 days.  All problems with a website must be disclosed within the warranty period to be considered covered under warranty.
  4. Anything Internet is not responsible for any consequential damages.  Our liability is restricted to repairing the defects caused by Anything Internet.  It is the client’s responsibility to perform testing on changes to verify that everything meets requirements.
  5. Web development projects usually required a partial payment in advance and another payment before launch.  The website cannot be launched until after the final payment has been received unless other arrangements have been made.  Further, the website may not be downloaded or migrated by the client prior to final payment.
  6. Anything Internet reserves the right to suspend any website for non-payment on any monies owed to Anything Internet by the client.  If an account is suspended for non-payment, there is a restoration fee of $75.00 to reactivate the site.  That fee is in addition to all outstanding balance owed by the client.

Refund Policy

  1. Refunds may be requested within ten days from the date of purchase.
  2. Refunds are only available if the work has not begun on your project.  Usually work does not begin until requirements have been provided. Once the actual work begins, refunds are no longer available.  It is possible that work will begin within the ten day refund period.  In that case, full refunds will not be possible.  Partial refunds may be given based on labor and expenses incurred prior to the refund request.
  3. Any accumulated unused services such as pre-purchased hours for developers or pre-purchased web hosting services will not be refunded if your account is terminated for any reason.
  4. You agree to resolve financial disputes directly with Anything Internet.  You agree to not file charge backs or file any complaints against Anything Internet until a reasonable resolution effort has been made with has occurred.

Account Terminations

  1. You have the right to terminate your account at any time.  However, it is your responsibility to download or migrate your website to a new hosting provider.  Most of our sites include databases and it is up to you to be sure everything is backed up and migrated properly.
  2. Your account may be suspended or terminated by Anything Internet at our discretion and without notice for any reasonable cause as determined by Anything Internet staff.  This could be due to illegal activities, pornographic activities, illegal or unethical activities, virus infections, racist or hateful content, non-payment, abuse complaints, policy violations, etc.  Anything Internet reserves all rights in this regard.

Dispute Resolution

  1. You agree to settle disputes directly with Anything Internet.
  2. You agree to not file complaints in any fashion with any organization without ha