Search engine optimization is the process of getting your website listed in the top positions in,, or other search engines.  But does it really work?  If so, what does it take to get to the top?

Let’s face it.  Your company is not the only company that does what you do.  There are probably thousands of other companies that offer similar products or services.  Those guys want to be #1 too.  If you sell Sony televisions, there are probably millions of other websites that also sell Sony televisions.  It is virtually impossible to be at the top of the search engines for that phrase.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is not as easy as it sounds and most self-professed experts are not experts at all.

  • Do you know the phrases you SHOULD be optimized for?
  • Are you on the top of the search engines for phrases your customers really use?
  • Are you getting the traffic that you desire from the search engines?
  • Do you know the statistics for your own website?
  • Are you paying a fortune and have nothing to show for it?
  • Does your SEO guy use “black hat” techniques? – run away – run away –


Most search engine experts charge a monthly fee ranging from $100 a month to over $1000 a month.  But what are you getting for that?  Don’t these guys just update the website one time and then simply monitor it?  What are they doing for the money?  How do you know if you have the right guy?  Does your SEO guy share information with you or hide it from you?

The fact is that most SEO guys are insecure about their own abilities and keep secrets to protect their ignorance, not to protect their secrets.  Good SEO companies will produce results and prove it to you. Not just results, but valuable results.  If you sell Sony televisions, you need to see results from people who are interested in Sony televisions or related merchandise.  If you have a retail store, you want results from people in your region that are interested in Sony televisions.  It seems simple.  But some SEO guys will promise you top results, but then you are #1 in the search engines for phrases that don’t deliver customers.  Being #1 for your company name is not hard.  Being #1 for Sony televisions is.  But do buyers search for your company name?  Or do they search for the item they want to buy?  You need to be ranked on the right keywords in the right market using the right keywords.  That is much harder to deliver.  Most SEO guys fail to deliver real customers.


We will do extensive keyword research for you.  We study your site, your business, your products, and your customers.  We study your competitors websites as well.  We study the reports of what real people actually search for every day.  We develop a keyword strategy that includes targeted phrases designed specifically to help you capture customers that want what you have.  We agressively go after the competition by making absolutely sure your website is better optimized than their websites.  We have a process for testing and improving your results over time.  We even build brand new pages on your website that are carefully tailored to specific phrases in order to capture more customers.


Don’t wait for your customers to find you.  Go where your customers are and get them.  This separates us from many of our competitors.  We know how to get your marketing message in front of your customers.  These techniques drive far more traffic to your website than just simply “monitoring” keywords on your home page.

Take your SEO strategy to the next level:

  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Extensive Competitor Analysis
  • Additional Marketing Content Creation
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Article Writing
  • Blog Postings
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Videos
  • Social Networking
  • Tested Campaigns
  • Extensive Statitics and Campaign Tracking


Anything Internet will consult with you and prepare a comprehensive strategy that is tailored specifically for your business.  Have a tight budget?  We can work with that.  Want big results?  We can work with that too.  Call today to schedule your free consultation and find out what Anything Internet can do for you.