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Strategic Social Marketing

by Jerry Hobby on November 13, 2012

Strategic Social Marketing There is a significant difference between operational social marketing and strategic social marketing. Operational social marketing seems to be the topic that most people discuss. That includes things like how to sign up, how to make a post, how to make friends, etc. Strategic social marketing is about your goals and how to create results. Most small businesses fail to use social media at all. If they do use social media, they are uncertain as to how […]


Create a Work-From-Home Business

by Jerry Hobby on November 8, 2012

Create a Work-From-Home Business There are as many business models are there are entrepreneurs.  I am intrigued by a newer business strategy that is showing up in some really unusual places.  These are tiny micro-niche services that do something very specific tasks and attempt to do their one little thing for as many people as possible. Imagine someone who wants to work from home who decides they can handle a few tedious tasks for people and save them time.  We […]


And The Winner Is … YOU!

by Jerry Hobby on October 16, 2012

And The Winner Is … YOU! There are countless web pages, ads, Facebook messages, images, and videos being posted everywhere you look.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing more challenging than to stand out on the Internet.  Most of us are happy to have a presence with our limited exposure to friends, family, and a small number of random visitors.  How do you stand out from the crowd?  How do you get massive traffic and massive exposure? Before we jump into […]


eCommerce Strategies

by Jerry Hobby on October 9, 2012

eCommerce Strategies Selling online used to be limited to product companies.  More and more we are seeing other companies find ways to incorporate some type of online payment options.  We get a ton of questions about how to do this. If you are selling products online in a shopping cart fashion, then you will need a shopping cart system. There are quite a few brands to choose from.  These systems allow you to easily add, manage, and track all products […]


The Online Retailer Trap

by Jerry Hobby on October 2, 2012

The Online Retailer Trap The model for selling products on the Internet has pretty much been about offering the lowest price for a given product.  Online retailers have sold for prices far below retail stores and have been able to avoid charging sales tax as well.  While you may have to pay for shipping, the cost of shipping was offset by the lack of sales tax and with the lower prices. Retail stores are now offering online price matching and […]


The True Power of Social Media Revealed

by Jerry Hobby on September 18, 2012

The True Power of Social Media Revealed What type of messages should you be putting on your social media network?  Should you tell jokes?  Should you put up pictures of your family?  Should you put questions out there asking other people to reply with information such as testimonials?  Should you ask for referrals?  Should you post articles?  What makes your post good, according to Facebook, is how people respond to it on Facebook.  Here is an example of a Facebook […]


Six Essential Low Budget Web Marketing Techniques

by Jerry Hobby on September 13, 2012

Six Essential Low Budget Web Marketing Techniques You have a business website and you may also have an account on LinkedIn, Twitter, or FaceBook.  But the results are not what you expected.   Should you add more content to your website?  Should buy an ad somewhere?  Maybe put some notices on your Facebook page?  You want more results and you don’t want to waste a bunch of money doing something that doesn’t work.  Here are a few tips to get […]


C’Mon Get APPY

by Jerry Hobby on September 4, 2012

C’Mon Get APPY Websites are what they are.  Great on a computer, acceptable on a touch pad device, and barely usable on a phone.  Mobile compatible websites are possible, but rarely are elegant. When it comes to touch pad devices and smart phones, we are seeing that the trend is to use apps, not web pages.  Think about it.  How much time do you spend on your mobile browser?  How much time do you spend clicking through apps, games, and other things […]


Social, Local, Mobile – Emerging Marketing Trends

by Jerry Hobby on August 28, 2012

Social, Local, Mobile – Emerging Marketing Trends Internet advertising introduced low-cost marketing that could span the globe.  Before long we discovered LOCAL marketing by putting ads in front of people based on geographical regions.   Suddenly online marketing was starting to make more sense for small business. In recent years, social marketing hit the scene with more targeted ads.  Not just by location, but also by age, sex, and interests.  Finally marketers can put the right ads in front of […]


True Social Networking Power

by Jerry Hobby on August 22, 2012

True Social Networking Power We frequently discuss how to build your brand online or promote you products and services.  There is an even more powerful way to put social networking to work for you.   From organizing protests, to drawing attention to