Get Rid of Garbage Traffic and Generate More Sales

by Jerry Hobby on November 8, 2011

This button takes you to the Steven Kay Live website and you can listen to this episode. Get Rid of Garbage Traffic and Generate More Sales Watch your web statistics and see how many people visit your site. When you notice a lot of people are coming to your site it makes you feel great. It makes you hope that all that traffic is resulting in more sales or more phone calls. But do you know how to figure that […]


Have You Written Off Your Website?

by Jerry Hobby on September 13, 2011

Why did you build your first website?  What were the priorities in your mind?   If you are like most people, you didn’t know exactly what to put on your website, but you did want it to help your business and you wanted a lot of visitors to your website.   That’s how I felt too. But what really happened?   In many cases, the website was never as nice as you wanted it to be and you probably didn’t get any new […]


Time for an Update …

by Jerry Hobby on September 6, 2011

I was reviewing a bunch of my client’s websites this weekend.  I was feeling rather nastalgic as I viewed some of these sites which may have been developed as much as ten years ago or more.  You know what? You can TELL these were built ten years ago.  Why?  Because design standards have changed a lot over the years. Whether a website is too small, has outdated low-quality graphics or stale dated content on the page, it is easy to […]


Search Engines – Misunderstood

by Jerry Hobby on May 31, 2011

Google leads the pack of search engines, not only with the number of users, but also with the evolution of the search engine technology. Goggle’s current strategy is to localize and socialize search results. Localizing search results means that searchers see results partly based on location. The criteria is relevance, significance, and location. Socialized results is the newest concept. Searchers will see results partially based on what their social networks and friends have chosen in the past. Google assumes that […]


Google No-No’s

by Jerry Hobby on April 12, 2011

Webmasters are always looking for ways to drive more traffic to their websites.  Here are a few DON’TS directly from Google. 1.  DO NOT fill your site with misspelled words – This techique is designed to capture web traffic from typos and misspellings made by people searching on Google.  However, Google spell corrects these searches automatically and you are unlikely to have any success with this idea.  Google also prohits this behavior, which could potentially lead to having your site […]


Faster, Fasterer, and =Fasterest

by Jerry Hobby on March 29, 2011

Google has been reminding webmasters that they put a high priority on web page speed.  With faster internet accounts, you would think it doesn’t matter that much.  But it does. Google assumes that a slow site cannot handle much traffic, so therefore it must not be popular.  Major websites load faster.   Speed is a quality consideration.   It’s a clever way to sort out the big boys from the wanna-bes. Google has a speed tool plugin for the Chrome browser.  It […]


How Many Websites Do You Need?

by Jerry Hobby on March 29, 2011

How many websites do you have for your company?  One? Two?  Ten?  Most people never thing through why they should have more than one site.  Here are a few things you may consider: 1. Multiple websites can help you serve different types of clients in their special ways.  A commercial site for commercial accounts.  A reseller site for resellers.  A consumer site for consumers. 2.  Multiple websites can help you focus attention on special products.  Imagine drug companies.  They have […]


Get Paid to Promote Your Own Site

by Jerry Hobby on January 25, 2011

I wrestled with sharing this tip.  It is like a secret weapon.  If you sell products on your website, this is a very powerful technique for driving traffic to your website. One of the fastest ways to boost your position in the search engine and to drive traffic to your own website is to promote your site on popular websites.  Which on?   EBAY.COM is one of the best.  Becoming an merchant is too. On, you can sell products […]


He Loves to Hate His Customers!

by Jerry Hobby on November 30, 2010

There was a story on the news this morning about an online store that gave truly horrible customer service.  The man yelled and cussed and even threatened his customers.  As the story unfolded, it turned out he was doing this to turn unhappy customers into irate customers in hopes they would write negative online reviews.  As the site owner explained, negative reviews were just as powerful at driving traffic as positive reviews were.  If you are a happy customer, maybe […]


Generating Traffic to Your Site

by Jerry Hobby on November 16, 2010

If you ask most people about how to get traffic, they will tell you it’s about getting high position in the search engines and that’s done with using lots of keywords on your website.   Well … yes and no. Google looks at content for density, frequency, and placement of keywords.  You don’t need hundreds of words on each page, you need dozens of words on dozens of